Transform your business , increase sales & customer engagement

Restaurant Auto is an Enterprise platform for Restaurant Industry. Our platform allow you to avail the full potential of internet through ecommerce website, mobile apps and tablet POS with built in CRM for you to improve your customer experience.

facilities. From the analytic dashboard you can review your most customer active zone and perform bulk email & sms promotions.

In one single flexible platform your customer can enjoy various rewards and loyalty policy and access from their mobile, tablet or ipad.

Ecommerce application has table reservation, online food ordering, online credit card payment processing and all important features essential for your business.

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We are delighted to use this platform connecting our 8 restaurants online in helping us to grow fast and strengthen the relationship with our customer base. The ecommerce is very simple and easy to use which creates real benefit on a competitive environment. This is an absolute, must have tools for any business with long term business plan"

Marrie Wilson


Why Choose Us?

Playing and performing in the industry for over a decade (since 2004)

Our product is developed on feedback and suggestions received from hundreds of restaurants and their customers

Our system is simple to use and designed to help you manage your business better

Helpful staff, regular update and reliable cloud platform.

Benefit of Joining

1) Proven to make your business efficent with the use of technology and make your business a success
2)Save money, do more with internet to incease sales, improvde custoemr experience and brand reputation
3) Send us a hello now and we will get back to you in a moment