Frequently asked questions

Get answers to some of the top questions about OrderPin

Our frequently Asked Questions covering various topics including costs, secruity, support, and more, so you should be able to find most, if not all of the answers you need here.

  • 1. Pricing FAQs.

    No problem. Just get in touch with us and we can extend the trial period to start 14 days from when you do start using the platform.

    If you have multiple locations, that’s great. Just get your first location set­up then request a “merchant admin” account from us. We’ll give your head office team access to an admin account to manage the settings, billing and usage across all your locations.

    It is possible to buy additional SMS messages to match your exact required usage at the rate of £0.08 per SMS, these will appear on your bill at the end of the month.

    We’ll stay relaxed and let you see what works best for you and after a couple of months we’ll check­in with you to see if it might be appropriate for you to move up to a different plan.

    OrderPin can be fully configured with your required settings in the OrderPin platform, and all interfaces can easily be customised within our platform for free. Should you require something more bespoke than our standard design templates, this can be discussed with us too.

    To keep costs low and ensure OrderPin is accessible on all devices that our clients require, we do not provide hardware. You must purchase your own hardware and can use any appropriate hardware that you require. Ticket printers, pagers and kiosk fixtures can be purchased directly through us by emailing your requirements to

    As many as you want, there is no limitation on the number of staff you need to have an account to use OrderPin in your business or the number of devices and apps you wish to use.

    Yes, but this is only to make it super simple for you when you get so hooked on the system that you can’t put it down at the end of the trial. You won’t pay a thing for your 14 day trial, and if it turns out we’re not the right tool for you, you can easily cancel and we’ll even remind you as your trial reaches an end.

    If for any reason you need to cancel your OrderPin subscription you can either do this via your online account or please email:

    There is NO minimum contract period, and NO cancellation fee. You may upgrade or downgrade at any time. There are NO hidden charges, no obligations required.

    No problem. Bespoke packages are allowed for anyone with higher volume requirements. Fill out our contact form or email and let us know your anticipated customer and SMS needs.


  • 2. OrderPin Services FAQs

    OrderPin products are designed to be quick and easy to use, enabling easy adoption in any business. Upon sign­up you’ll receive access to our training packs and videos for using OrderPin and webex training is available at any time, just contact or book an appointment here.

    All the customer data gathered within your OrderPin account is owned by you and not by OrderPin. We will process data on your behalf and only as you instruct us to, and data can be deleted at any time upon your instruction. However, OrderPin may use anonymous data for market research and reporting purposes.

    OrderPin has undertake full Crest Accredited Penetration testing process to ensure the security of our system. To understand more about legal policies around your data, view our legal policies or get in touch with us to review our various certifications and other information.

    Our support team are available Monday to Friday from 9am ­ 6pm GMT to help support you with anything you require. Our technical support contact details will be provided upon sign­up and will be accessible within the OrderPin platform support portal.

    We also have a 24/7 online support forum, where you can find helpful tips and guides that may solve any problems you maybe have. Simply visit: and login using your OrderPin account details.



  • 3.​Equipment FAQs

    Simple, just download the OrderPin Kiosk App from the Apple, Google Play or Windows store onto your chosen kiosk device. Consult our kiosk hardware recommendations for appropriate devices. Follow the kiosk setup instructions available here in the OrderPin platform when you have your account. It’s literally just a case of ‘plug, configure and play’. If you wish to add a ticket printer using our recommended model, this can be plugged in at any time and should start working any time.

    Yes, you can access your same OrderPin store account from multiple different types of devices at once.

    If you’re using a desktop platform, you need an internet browser that is Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer (9 or above).

    If you are using a tablet, you can either use our desktop platform on the web­browser. Or for enhanced performance download our native Windows, Android or iOS app from the Apple store, Google Play store or Windows stores. Most standard off­the­shelf tablet or smartphone/iPod touch devices should work, but if in doubt consult our device suggestion pack or get in touch with us at to confirm that your device will work.

    You just need an activated OrderPin account, a computer, tablet or smartphone and an Internet connection for the device you will be using OrderPin on. Other hardware like a receipt printer, self service kiosk and TV displays are optional, and can be added later on.



  • 4.​Logistical FAQs

    If customers have just one bar of mobile cellular reception they should still receive the SMS messages. However, if reception is poor in your area it’s best to either: make sure that your customer receives the first SMS on their phone and explain to them that they should only leave the store to browse locally and should keep an eye of their cell reception. Or you can enforce that all your customers wait in store, perhaps without the SMS services.

    If a customer waiting remotely doesn’t show for their turn, you can mark them as “Not present” and keep them in a holding queue until they return later or until you decide it’s time to remove them from the queue. Before you even realised that customer was not available, OrderPin will be updating your next customers to let them know it’s time to return to store.

    Most actually find that very few customers will just leave and not return without first dropping them a considerate text to let them know they wish to cancel or clicking “cancel” from the weblink or mobile app.

    That’s no problem. You could either disable the SMS services or limit the information provided to customers by SMS, so that all customers are waiting in store to be called forward by staff when they are ready to see them. Using the OrderPin TV screen to display the the queue is also great at keeping your customers engaged and in store whilst they wait.

    OrderPin primarily uses SMS technology to accommodate all demographics. Any customer with a phone should be able to receive a text. Those with smartphones can benefit from additional information and content provided by you by the weblink.

    No. Plenty of our customers use OrderPin without the SMS services just to add customers to the queue and to let them know verbally or by TV displays about when they will be seen.

    If your Wi­Fi goes down and you can no longer access OrderPin from your tablet device, you can always access the OrderPin platform by accessing the web from a desktop computer plugged into ethernet. Here you can even export the list of your waiting customers to a printable PDF. If both your ethernet and Wi­Fi connections fail, you can access OrderPin from any smartphone to continue managing your customers or export the queue to a PDF.

    Where your Wi­Fi is frequently patchy, a 4G tablet or router acts as a great back­up. We’ve seen entire stores and multiple devices run entirely on 4G routers.


Benefit of Order Pin

1) Can set various discount policy or promotional offer with Order Pin
2) Act as a coupon code for promotional offer which user can claim with the pin number on their check out
3) Customer Grouping for efficient promotion/discount/reward management for website administrator
4) Offline marketing is easier particularly for Restaurant and Takeaways who distribute large volumes of flyers or menus.
5) Better customer relationship
6) Proven to improve business sales
7) Rewarding shopping experience for customers