Our Features

A flexible platform with a variety of innovative and value-add features that you can choose from to create your own unique and entirely branded customer experience

Available to download from Apple, Google and Windows

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Save time do more with e-marketing 


Know exactly what is happening inside your business. real time email and SMS marketing, customer grouping and promotion was never that easy!



Custom designed , own your brand 


Every section on your website can be easily customised with your branding and message content: from customer SMS messages and emails, to customer facing MOBILE APPS, and even your EPOS apps. Adapt your settings and choose what communications you send to which customers and when.


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Integrated full business system


Our cloud platform is easy to integrate with other software tools and platforms. Our platform comes with CRM, Credit card payment module, Reward pointing,  Online booking platforms, Calendar Dashboard and reports.


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Attract more with loyalty scheme 


Use loyalty strategy to retain customer and offer reward to your most loyal customers, provide accurate wait time information, book customer appointments and assign customers to available colleagues.


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Efficiently manage your reservation


Improve reservation management, use calendar dashboard , plan , organise and allocate table arrangement and improve your brilliant customer serving capabilities. Your central dashboard can give you hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reservation view on a grid.


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Manage business from any device


Access your dashboard, management console of your ecommerce, mobile apps, EPOS or CRM  from any device including Android, Windows or iOS tablet, mobile applications and smartwatch, to view, manage your business operation online.


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Single registration for all


Customers can join the queue for service, request help, book appointments, and get an estimated wait time, queue position and/or ticket number via a Qudini self-service kiosk. The kiosk design and experience can be customised through the platform, and the kiosk deployed on any device or larger touch-screen digital signage display.


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Enable online bookings via your website


Increase traffic for your services by allowing customers to book their appointment times online. Customise, configure and embed your own online appointment booking solution directly into your website and allow customers to make bookings online.


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Update customers via SMS


Personalise your customer relationship by sending customers automatic or manually triggered SMS updates with information on their queue position, upcoming appointment reminders, and more.


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Send email reservation reminders


Remind your customers about their upcoming reservation or event booking though  confirmation, reminder, cancellation or other email notification.


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Search by name or membership number


Allow customers to use and claim , retrieve their registered details using unique membership PIN number and they can enjoy promotional offers.


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Check and track customer satisfaction


Maintain customer engagement by allowing customers with smartphones to check order status update, order history, review ratings and engage with your brand’s content via a branded weblink in an SMS message. (Using our whitelabel app or SDKs.)


Get in touch to hear from Company

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Manage social walls on dashboard


Manage your all social media walls on your dashboard will give you full insight into your business social media presence and keep updated with your followers.


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Access webmail on dashboard


Use dashboard is a single point of your business contact as well as check all notification email, order confirmation, reservation notice directly on your webmail.


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Gain insight into business performance


Use the business intelligence analytics dashboard and reports about customer data and to gain insight into your business’s operations and performance. Learn why customers visit your restaurant, how many order they place, what they order and how many leave… plus more invaluable information.


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Send follow-up communications


Send a follow-up email to your customers by email after their visit and get feedback on their experience, or give your customers an opportunity for your business improvement.


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Issue reward vouchers


Give your customers discount vouchers as a reward for joining the your business. Orderpin has a proven 18% redemption of vouchers sent to customers by SMS or weblink.


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Use offline coupon


Instead of online – you also can print bulk amount of coupon code and distribute in your locals to promote your website. We have proven this method to increase 20% of engagement instead of sending thousands of flyers.


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Use multi-language options


Our platform is available in multiple languages, including multiple currencies. Please do contact us if you have any specific requirements. 


Benefit of Order Pin

1) Can set various discount policy or promotional offer with Order Pin
2) Act as a coupon code for promotional offer which user can claim with the pin number on their check out
3) Customer Grouping for efficient promotion/discount/reward management for website administrator
4) Offline marketing is easier particularly for Restaurant and Takeaways who distribute large volumes of flyers or menus.
5) Better customer relationship
6) Proven to improve business sales
7) Rewarding shopping experience for customers